On June 25th, 2011 Elizabeth and John Semtner were married. Many thanks to our family and friends for all of your love and support, and for celebrating with us as we begin this next chapter of life. Enjoy the slideshow of memories below captured by our friend and photographer Aaron Snow.

(This is only a sampling, contact us if you are interested in all images in full resolution.)

On November 15, 1975, Alison Evans married Zach Dorman Taylor, Junior. It was a football Saturday, an away game, of course. Those who were there, or know the stats, know that when the wedding began OU was losing to Mizzou at Columbia, but when the wedding service ended and the bride and groom were announced, OU had won the game. By one point. A good omen, indeed, for a couple that bled crimson and cream. Looking back, much like in OU football (pick your favorite era), my parents were a team, supporting one another, fostering love, passion and faith in one another. When my sister and I joined the world, we also joined the team, receiving the same love, support and, of course, great expectation. No one was too young, too old, too tired, or too busy to participate in the fun or responsibility. This led to amazing memories but more importantly, a bond between all of us, that while tested in ways that I could have never imagined, has remained strong.

Cheers to you Alison and Zach! I love you! ET

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On February 16, 1974 Gayle Ann Lucas married Bernard Leo Semtner III. Their love for each other and their family never seems to waver. Their marriage has set an example by which I hope to emulate with Elizabeth. While looking back at one’s childhood may not reveal a perfect storybook, there were a lot of Norman Rockwell moments in mine. It took a lot of effort and love from them to make that happen.

Thank you Mom and Dad. I love you both. – John

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Despite an overtime loss by the Oklahoma City Thunder minutes before, the party at the Frankfurt home was immaculate. Thank you so much to everyone who attended and especially our hosts Kris & Bill Frankfurt and Frank & Cathy Keating. Bill can fill you in on the BEST salmon I’ve ever eaten, medium rare, smoked, and topped with a fresh tomato relish. It was very special to spend an evening with family and friends who mean so much to us.

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Mrs. Zach Dorman Taylor, Jr., Oklahoma City, Oklahoma is pleased to announce the engagement of her daughter, Ms. Alison Elizabeth Taylor, to Mr. John Bernard Semtner, son of Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Leo Semtner III, of Oklahoma City. Elizabeth is also the daughter of the late Mr. Zach Dorman Taylor, Jr. of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Elizabeth is the granddaughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rhys Evans of Ardmore, Oklahoma and the late Mr. and Mrs. Zach Dorman Taylor of Oklahoma City. She is a graduate of Casady School and the University of Kansas with a Bachelors Degree in Journalism. Elizabeth currently works for Griffin Communications as Statewide Marketing Services Manager.

John is the grandson of Mrs. Bernard Leo Semtner, Jr. of Oklahoma City and the late Mr. Bernard Leo Semtner, Jr. of Oklahoma City. He is also the grandson of the late Dr. and Mrs. Laurence Albert Lucas of Oklahoma City. He is a graduate of Bishop McGuinness Catholic High School, Lehigh University and the University of California at Berkley with a Masters in Mechanical Engineering. John is a project engineer with Frankfurt Short Bruza Associates.

The couple plans to be married June 25, 2011 in the chapel at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Oklahoma City.

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Our first wedding party (I don’t do showers) was thrown for Elizabeth and me at the home of Cindy & Jim Hazelwood last weekend. So many of our friends came to share this special night with us. They were treated to wonderful drinks (the pomegranate sangria was amazing), a beautiful home, and delicious food. Special thanks to our gracious hosts; Cindy & Jim Hazelwood, Marky & David Almon, Debby & Doug McQueen, Peggy & Nick Duncan, Cindi & Jim Rapp, Pat Gallagher, Doug Parr, and Pat & Fred Schonwald.

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A group of family friends threw an engagement party for Elizabeth and me at the home of Sody & Robert Clements this weekend. It was a special evening for us and our family. Many thanks to those who were able to celebrate with us and a special thank you to our gracious hosts, Sody & Robert Clements, Jane (Coach) Crain, Toni & David Cook, Jane & Sandy Elliott, Linda & Tom Klos, Marty & Robert Margo, Mary & Bill Price, Jeary & Mike Seikel, Betty Lou Stewart, and Rene & Bill Vassar. Photos below by the one and only Carl Shortt.

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Aaron Snow is a Mad Genius with a camera. I only say mad because of the number of times he can say “ha ha ha” in a dry, sarcastic tone and still get me and Elizabeth to laugh. We showed up at his Deep Deuce office with three different outfits and our proposal story. Here is what his eye caught from that day.


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On Sept. 23, 2010, the day before her 30th birthday; Alison Elizabeth Taylor agreed to marry me, John Bernard Semtner.

The story begins when Elizabeth and I decided to take a trip to Barbados for her birthday. It was her first trip to the Caribbean and her first passport stamp. Before she could even begin planning for the trip, I told her I wanted to plan a birthday party with her friends for the day before her birthday and another party with her family on her birthday. We would leave for Barbados, thru Dallas, the day after that.  With the trip looming, things busy at work, and lots of party to-do’s, I had a perfect storm to distract her.

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