On November 15, 1975, Alison Evans married Zach Dorman Taylor, Junior. It was a football Saturday, an away game, of course. Those who were there, or know the stats, know that when the wedding began OU was losing to Mizzou at Columbia, but when the wedding service ended and the bride and groom were announced, OU had won the game. By one point. A good omen, indeed, for a couple that bled crimson and cream. Looking back, much like in OU football (pick your favorite era), my parents were a team, supporting one another, fostering love, passion and faith in one another. When my sister and I joined the world, we also joined the team, receiving the same love, support and, of course, great expectation. No one was too young, too old, too tired, or too busy to participate in the fun or responsibility. This led to amazing memories but more importantly, a bond between all of us, that while tested in ways that I could have never imagined, has remained strong.

Cheers to you Alison and Zach! I love you! ET

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